552).Wednesday, 4 April 2012 03:10 PM -
Ratty - brunswick mudlarks
is now facebooked done via Coach Wills Loved one (his wife not me)
search brunswick mudlarks in facebook search and friend request

CW:- Mudlarks are up and running big time. Have 4 facebook "friends" and request are flooding in.
Thursday, 5 April 2012 09:12 AM - Host: d110-33-179-204.sun801.vic.optusnet.com.au
551).Wednesday, 4 April 2012 10:41 AM -
Tim - Sorry guys but I can't make training today or next week either. I'm spewin'!!!

Off to Hong Kong for work. Sorry.

I'll be keeping fit though. smile
550).Tuesday, 3 April 2012 10:48 PM -
Will - Training Compulsory or call - Brunswick Mudlarks,
This season is shaping up pretty well with an influx of new players over the pre season to add to a pretty good core bunch from 2011. These good numbers will hopefully give me the option of picking and sorting a side out for the first game before the day and posting it on our MUD site or by email before the game. I do not want to start the season like we did last year with a very disappointing loss in the first game that we SHOULD have won. Given we only had 14 players an hour before the game, then scrambled to have 17 plus a few hardy 47+ players to make up our numbers.
To avoid a repeat of this I want to hear from or see everyone at training over the next 3 weeks. Wed nights at 6pm, Gillon Oval, West Brunswick. Training will work nicely around Easter with two solid nights on the 4th and 11th, followed by an easy hit out on the 18th. If you can't train on any of these nights you MUST ring me (not Ming or Ratty) prior to the last training night on the 18th. Even if you are injured or training elsewhere, pop down and talk to me about your availability and intentions. With a great nucleus of players training right through from November, we are in a better position now than any previous years and we need to build on it with a good start to the season.
If you haven't heard the news, Masters will be playing for points this year. This doesn't change anything in the way we approach our footy, especially keeping the fun in the game but we do need to get better with communication of players, arrival time and proper warm ups. Also still looking for a couple of helpers, team manager, runners, etc. I am really enthusiastic about getting us off to a great start, so help me out by getting down to training or ringing me anytime. See you Wednesday.
Will. 0418429475
549).Monday, 2 April 2012 11:02 PM -
Ratty - So First Game at Home
Shall BBQ so bring one and all kids and partners to kick off the new season
Go Mudlarks
Go Hawks
548).Monday, 2 April 2012 10:57 PM -
Ratty - Well Looks like i can get down to Training wens this week to welcome back our Will.Great Run last week tended by najj, the airobic level upping was great. Waz what a super write up. 47s time to front. Glad to hear your good to go Jimmy. Mick how is your calf?

Wazza:- Rat aka El Presidente - I haven't forgotten the existing players (35s or 47s) and will get to them in time, just thought the recruits needed some attention and love

The 47s guys have trained well but probably need to consolidate the numbers a bit. I've seen you, Ming, Dolli, Dom, Swainy and others, but it would be good to see Kev Walker, Roger etc
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 11:45 AM - Host: its-wv-bcprox2.its.rmit.edu.au

Wazza:- And how could I forget Najj, who has coached, umpired, directed and done everything required to build the emerging powerhouse mudlarks
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 11:47 AM - Host: its-wv-bcprox3.its.rmit.edu.au
547).Monday, 2 April 2012 04:50 PM -
ADAM - Who is this mysterious and regular visitor from pPerth that keeps checking in...who would she have her eye on???

Ming:- You've lost me there, Adam. What visitor from Perth?
Monday, 2 April 2012 11:52 PM - Host: 123-243-102-148.static.tpgi.com.au
546).Monday, 2 April 2012 04:20 PM -
Ming going to Pambula Easter - 10TH ANNUAL EASTER CARNIVAL
Itinerary for Easter:-
*Good Friday- Lawn bowls, followed by welcome drinks at the bottom pub Pambula, while the ladies enjoy a Thai Dinner.
* Saturday and Sunday- Footy !
* Sunday night .. Presentation Dinner Dance at Pambula Merimbula Golf Club,
with M C Frankie J Holden and guest speaker 'Razor' Ray Chaimberlain - whisper is DES TUDDENHAM will be there
or contact Ricky Holt on 0415423293 or email jerbam1@bigpond.net.au
545).Sunday, 1 April 2012 10:28 PM -
No Bruny9s this Monday 2nd - No 9s game this week, we will save our legs for impressing Will on his return on Wednesday night at Gillon Oval.
The howling gale and hot weather on Saturday saw only 8 brave the conditions so we had a little training session and a few of the new blokes got to meet the redoutable Mad Mick (and his esky), who will give the 47s some off field help this year.
544).Sunday, 1 April 2012 12:55 PM -
Wilba - Too famous. Luckily I dropped names and got in ok as the line was around the corner.
543).Sunday, 1 April 2012 12:47 PM -
Wilba - His fame spreads across the world...who...our Ming of course. Has his own chain of restaurants in Las Vegas...who knew.
542).Sunday, 1 April 2012 01:57 AM -
Wilba - Time to move on from the U.S and will be waiting in L.A for the home flight by the time you all get out of bed. I did wake to see the Bombers have put 4 points on the table which is great to see. Will be home Monday morning. See you all this week for training.
541).Thursday, 29 March 2012 08:04 PM -
Hi Northern Mudlark - Just over 3 weeks Stoney. have you booked the weeks you are down here yet, or are you playing in Sydney, or I think more likely a mixture? - Ming
540).Thursday, 29 March 2012 07:57 PM -
najj - ok jimmy thats good news
539).Thursday, 29 March 2012 01:46 PM -
najj - guys training was fantastic,great skills and good spirit .

Jimmy:- Naj have been putting ice on and off .... Feeling much better !
Will do for couple pd day and see how goingwink
Thursday, 29 March 2012 02:55 PM - IP:

ADAM:- What gives with the ice Jimmy ?
Friday, 30 March 2012 07:10 AM - Host: 114-198-114-173.dyn.iinet.net.au

jimmy:- feeling sore after training on wed.
thought i have groin injury....all good nowwink
how you finger ?
Friday, 30 March 2012 12:48 PM - Host: 123-2-9-176.static.dsl.dodo.com.au

traps for new players:- Fast track at Gillon, you ran too fast and kicked too long, Mr Jimmi Six Straight
Friday, 30 March 2012 12:55 PM - Host: its-wv-bcprox3.its.rmit.edu.au

Jimmy:- Yes too fast and too long go with 6 goals hope I can convert them in the match ........lol!
Friday, 30 March 2012 06:53 PM - IP:

Monday, 2 April 2012 10:45 AM - Host: 114-198-109-224.dyn.iinet.net.au

Jimmy:- Adam could have score over 2400 points but 2 of my key player only play 33% of game times. So I only score 2090 points. Next rounds wink
Tuesday, 3 April 2012 01:48 PM - IP:
538).Thursday, 29 March 2012 04:19 AM -
Bondy - Yes, Ming, have been dropping in on the MUD from Old Abyssinia. Then generally dropping out about 90 seconds later when the internet connection fails. No photos to share just yet but I'll try to get something for you before departing. In the mean time there have been some interesting updates from the mud bath... playing for points, selection nights and a squadron of surplus players, no less. I am not the only one who has travelled a long way recently. See you next Wednesday. GB.
537).Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:21 AM -
BRUNY9s THIS SAT - Thanks to those who helped during the successful summer-season of Bruny9s
NAJJ - Umpiring and Opening the shed when Ming was away
DOLI, LIV and one or two others who also helped out with the umpiring.
ADAM - advertising and letter drop that got quite a few new players along
EVERYONE for getting into the spirit, putting up with the whistle on play if you looked like bowling over one of the teenagers.
Also for not having to be chased for the $2:50 a session and for the honor system for softies.
Thanks fo all who just by coming and enjoying, made this innaugural 9s season a financial success, covering ice, bandages, ground rental, Castlemaine9s and an ump and trainer up there.
AND - IT WILL BE BACK DURING WINTER! on our OFF-weeks Mondays, under lights at Gillon
PLUS 11am THIS SAT at Gillon after the AusKick - get there about 10:30 please

Hey ADAM:- Can you come up with some AD wording to hand out to the AusKick Dads on Sat, please? Family and Work have got me flat chat at the mo.
How're your injuries? Did something go klunk on Monday? - Ming
Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:25 AM - Host: 123-243-102-148.static.tpgi.com.au

Thursday, 29 March 2012 01:08 PM - Host: 114-198-114-173.dyn.iinet.net.au
536).Wednesday, 28 March 2012 11:42 PM -
What a carpet at Gillon - How good was it to be back home? Ground is a picture
Good numbers, looking forward to full training lists when CoachWill returns next week.
Thanks to 47s coaches Ratty and Doli for supplying and cooking the snags.
535).Wednesday, 28 March 2012 09:33 PM -
Wazza - MUDLARK MOMENTUM pt 1: - it’s almost a year since I first pulled on the mudlark jumper in round 2 2011 on a glorious sunny day at Gillon Oval and played my first game of footy since I was 11. One of the great things about my time at the Mudlarks is the way new players are welcomed into the fold.
Whilst I am still new to the club and clearly still have lots to learn about playing the game I am excited by our prospects in 2012 based on the great guys already at the club and the new faces added in the offseason.
I’ve probably been to 6-8 sessions, a mixture of 9s and training and I thought I’d add a few observations on the form line on some of the new faces who are keen to pull on the boots in 2012. Apologies to those who miss out, there’s still plenty of love for you.
The early nomination for recruit of the year, FODGEY, has been worth every free latte Chook has had to dish out as the signing bonus. I haven’t played on Fodgeys team in the 9s but he is an absolute general initiating the switches, and giving instructions to all on the ground about where the footy should go next. Whatever team Fodgey is on move the ball better than the opposition. Late in the games he switches onto the ball and just continues setting the game up. Not only does the backline general come complete with Brother Fodgey who knows how to take a catch, but his son Rhys is the most promising development mudlark in 21 years time.
JIMMY – perhaps another part of the genius behind getting the Fodgeys has been the former essendon excitement machine - is super quick, loves to run, and always does, loves to sell the dummy, and frequently does. Is certain to add bite and can play anywhere.
GEORGE and MARWON – the brothers from different mothers have been super. Both like it up forward, both know where the goals are. George is the kind of forward that straightens up a side, leads at the ball, good hands, nice kick, good around the ground also. Whilst Marwon is a crafty small forward with a few tricks, who always reminds teammates in an amazingly positive way when they have ignored the first option to take a stupid shot at goal. Both look likely to be superb additions to the side.
PAYTS – aka ANTHONY? Medium utility who in first week of 9’s started ruck before switching back. This week he went forward and kicked a bag, and could have almost doubled it had he remembered his contact lenses. Last played in 1993, incredibly desperate for a guy who hasn’t played in so long, hurled his body around and on the deck like Benny P in full flight. Honestly he had more 1%ers in two weeks of 9s than I think I had in 5 games last year.
ZAC – a big unit, actually I am not really sure how tall he is, could be a forward/ruck option, seems to have good hands, is a good kick and covers the ground well. Big, strong and committed. Probably wont attempt to decapitate an opponent a la spiritual leader Johnny Thirss at Greensborough last year, but it wouldn’t surprise. Adam gave him a spray last week but the big fella shapes as an important part of the mudlarks spine.
KIWI ROB – rangy, athletic tall type new to the game has impressed all with his desire to learn the game, his fitness, and progress. Forward/Ruck/CHB – up to coach Wilba – could be the ruck replacement for Wil should he ever hang up the boots.
Whilst he isn’t a newby after joining us midseason LIV is just the classic thinking mans footballer, he does almost everything well, and rarely wastes the ball. I feel I become a smarter player just being in his presence.

ADAM:- Good stuff. Looking forward to part two.
I'll clarify that part about the spray for the big Zac. I am firmly in the pro Zac camp. He adds a dimension of fear we haven't had in my time. I wasn't that annoyed about the hit, it was more frustration that for a few moments it felt like I';d done the back again. This time the Mudlark gods granted me a reprieve.
Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:50 PM - Host: 114-198-114-173.dyn.iinet.net.au

Ed Itor:- There was a part 2 and I tidied it up into one, forgot to remove the pt1
Thursday, 29 March 2012 04:10 PM - Host: its-wv-bcprox3.its.rmit.edu.au

Bobby Fodge:- Wazza you are an absolute legend! Thanks for the kind words, the momentums were a great read and Rhys was really wrapped he got a mention too.
Re: The Mudlarks... I agree, those Brunswick boys know how to make a bloke feel welcome, thanks fellas. Be it Naj's infectious enthusiasm, Ming's commitment, Will's coaching from a million miles away or even Chook singing me 'Fodginator' theme songs it's been a great start at this great club. Special mention to that bloke Wazza, (bloody good footballer too!).
Now the rest is up to us..as it's been mentioned already we need to get everyone down to training. Us new blokes still havent met the rest of the team! I've already booked the engraver and picked the spot in the 'pool' room for my championship medal;) We need to train as a team to make it happen (or i lose my deposit at the engravers!)
For those that have made it to training, keep up the good work.
Thursday, 29 March 2012 09:45 PM - Host: c114-76-77-88.thoms3.vic.optusnet.com.au

jimmy:- WAZZA.....Amen !
Thanks for all the kind wordswink
As for the short time i have see u play in pre-season AFL 9
I have notice you have the confidence everytime u have touch the ball
you have enough talented to be the midfield / forward warrior.
Friday, 30 March 2012 10:52 PM - Host: 123-2-9-176.static.dsl.dodo.com.au

Wazza:- I felt the recruits needed the love, Fodgey and Jimmy. Footy clubs at their best welcome people into the mix.

And Bobby you are right, it is important to get everyone at training, and Coach Wil is pushing that hard. The young fell Rhys looks an exciting prospect in the making.

On a day like today, for the non-windowed office worker, when the weather is superb, the excitement of games is just around the corner. Hopefully glorious sunny autumn and winter days await the Mudlarks.
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 11:59 AM - Host: its-wv-bcprox2.its.rmit.edu.au
534).Wednesday, 28 March 2012 03:38 PM -
Ming - Hi Bondy - I see you are online in Ethiopia

Ming:- Bugger, The Mud is no good for real time chat - lost him.
You have to refresh to see if there's a comment. I don't have skype on this computer.
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 03:42 PM - Host: its-wv-bcprox2.its.rmit.edu.au

Now there's one in USA:- Is that you Will?
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 03:50 PM - Host: its-wv-bcprox2.its.rmit.edu.au

See:- Lost him too, only on for 2 mins
I've gotta go now, buy some snags for training - Ming
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 03:55 PM - Host: its-wv-bcprox2.its.rmit.edu.au

CW:- I am here Ming, was trying to add a photo. Time for bed here though. Looking forward to getting back to training next week and kicking a footy. Prepare for plenty of sit ups smile
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 04:23 PM - Host: wsip-98-188-95-170.lv.lv.cox.net

Ming:- Ah so, Will. Maybe it didn't upload because it was too big, or your server is a bit slow...
There is a 5Mb upload limit on photos, coz we only have so much space.
But some cameras these days take photos much bigger than that, so they wont upload here, unless you downwardly resize.
Also important, that 5Mb is downloaded via your bandwith every time you load or even re-load the Mud (plus every other image on the page). So I'll make it only 15 items get displayed on each page.
Good idea to resize them to about 800x600 pixles, (while this multiplies out to 500Kb, jpgs save some space, maybe 50%)
Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:03 AM - Host: 123-243-102-148.static.tpgi.com.au
533).Tuesday, 27 March 2012 10:49 PM -
Jimmy - Since we are playing for points system what are the prices tag $$$$$
For Ben ,Adam ,mark , the Fodge brothers and up coming superstar George ?????

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 06:49 PM - Host: 114-198-113-79.dyn.iinet.net.au

jimmy:- zac will get better as the training go on....he will destroy his opponents like ants.....
try get him on ur side next time.....lol
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 09:30 PM - Host: 123-2-9-176.static.dsl.dodo.com.au

Zac:- For about the 16th time personally and publicly I am Sorry Adam for the pain you suffered. I've pulled back twice in the two physical clashes to prevent injury. However, he appears to NOT have accepted my apologies and I am very reluctant to come back to training.
Sunday, 1 April 2012 05:38 PM - Host: CPE-144-132-74-26.vic.bigpond.net.au

Ming:- Hey Zac - It looks like you missed Adam's comment to Wazza's article above. I've copied it below... and lttle Jimmi gets a bit excited.
ADAM:- Good stuff. Looking forward to part two.
I'll clarify that part about the spray for the big Zac. I am firmly in the pro Zac camp. He adds a dimension of fear we haven't had in my time. I wasn't that annoyed about the hit, it was more frustration that for a few moments it felt like I';d done the back again. This time the Mudlark gods granted me a reprieve.
Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:50 PM - Host: 114-198-114-173.dyn.iinet.net.au

Sunday, 1 April 2012 11:10 PM - Host: 123-243-102-148.static.tpgi.com.au

Ming:- Remember the old adages...
"If you're not frightened, you can't be brave." and
"If you pull out, you get hurt".
Zac is quick and big, doesn't have to scare anyone to get the ball.
You might have missed our coach for a few years before Will - Ruby (see pic) - now Ruby could add the dimension of fear.
Sunday, 1 April 2012 11:49 PM - Host: 123-243-102-148.static.tpgi.com.au

Fodge:- Hey Zac, you have to come back to training. You're just too awesome and you have to be part of this awesome team! See u wed
Monday, 2 April 2012 04:36 PM - Host: c114-76-77-88.thoms3.vic.optusnet.com.au

Jimmy:- Zac....I'm impressed with you pre-season and you are ready to take on to the next level which is to play hard and kick ass...lol!
You are very important part of Brunswick and capable of playing attacking and defensive tasks given by our coach willba. Hope to see you soon.
Monday, 2 April 2012 09:26 PM - Host: 123-2-9-176.static.dsl.dodo.com.au

Zac:- See you Wednesday night guys :)
Monday, 2 April 2012 10:35 PM - Host: ppp33E0.dsl.pacific.net.au

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