4).Thursday, 25 January 2007 10:22 PM -
BRUNSWICK REVOLUTIONARY HQ - Where's the lovely green logo? Where's the mudlark?
3).Thursday, 25 January 2007 10:15 PM -
Cookie - HANGING ROCK PICNIC RACES are moved to KYNETON due to unsafe surface. Punters, For those intending to join us at the races, please be advised that the meeting has been moved to Kyneton due to Hanging Rock track being too dry.
Kyneton is 15kms from Woodend (Hanging Rock) on the Calder Highway. Hope to see you at the Kyneton Race Track. Cheers
Courtesy buses will be available to ferry racegoers from Kyneton
railway station to the race track. Buses will depart every half hour. Buses will also ferry racegoers back to Kyneton railway station after the racemeeting.
Kyneton is NOT a BYO Venue. Gates open at 10:00am, first race is at 1:10pm
Admission is $15 (no concession) Kids under 16 are free
Please contact us on (03) 5422 1866 for more details

Ming:- Probably be there, depends on family complications. I'm sure I can lose some weight up there.
Thursday, 25 January 2007 10:17 PM - Host:
2).Wednesday, 24 January 2007 10:20 PM -
TRAINING starts JAN 30 - 6pm Tuesdays for a light session at DeChene Oval Coburg, where Bell St crosses the Merri. (you can park in Connolly St E.Cob and walk across the footbridge)

BEST TO RIDE YOUR BIKE.:- BEST TO RIDE YOUR BIKE.Bike track all along the Merri.
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 10:22 PM - Host:

COBURG LAKE:- Can we go there, too? The lake has some good running tracks
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 10:24 PM - Host:
1).Tuesday, 23 January 2007 11:47 AM -
Ming - Spent a week down the Island in a fitness frenzy, 8km walks every day, bodysurfing a couple of times a day and I got back and weighed myself and I'm EVEN HEAVIER. - Must be muscles.
Had a trot and a kick with MadMick on Sunday, must get back into running, maybe by April I'll be a little lighter.

Peechers:- Gday Ming, I to am mystified how this running thing makes you fatter, I might stick to beer and see if that works.
Thursday, 25 January 2007 05:58 AM - Host:

Ming:- Fatter? Who said fatter? I'm big boned... and it wasn't so much running as quick walking
Thursday, 25 January 2007 10:09 PM - Host:

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