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50s game OFF this week. - Beacy50s pull out.
Hi all. Unfortunately it seems that Beaconsfield have withdrawn their 50s team from the comp. So we don’t have a game this Sunday!! Very disappointing. Since you are now free, why not support your Mudlarks team-mates in their games against Box Hill? That’s what I will be doing. 45s game against Box Hill is at 12:45 at Elgar Park, and then the 35s play at 2:45. Cheers, Kev

Jim Button:- Hi Brunswick over 50s,
Re footy on Sunday, I spoke to the secretary of Box Hill North about the possibility of playing a game on their ground before our 45s kick off at 12.45. He didn't know but said he could ask at his club's training tonight.
Would people be interested in that -- at say 11 if the ground was free? We'd need at least 20 players to make it worthwhile. We could offer a run to any Box Hill players as well.
Let me know James.Button@gmail.com if there's interest, and I'll get back to him. - Jim
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