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Clearing up Numbers Rule - Sat, April 9, 2016 from the League President
April 2016
Hi to all Players, this Sunday is the start of our year and wish you all the best, please remember we all go to work on monday and we are playing "footy for fun".
These are the Rules that are different or clarified from 2015
Have a good game and avoid injuries.
Bruce Chaplin President AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League
Forfeit if a club forfeits twice in any competition then that team will be withdrawn from that competition. The old rule was the whole club would be withdrawn, which meant Frankston would not have played finals 2015, having given 2 forfeits in the 45s.
A forfeit is classified as anytime a team does not play a scheduled game even if they withdraw from the completion all games will be considered forfeits with fines included
Maximum six players on the bench per team for all competitions, old rule allowed for as many as you like in the older competitions
One extra number of players for Supers and Reserves on the ground if a team is short the other team can only play that number of players + one to a max of 18 players (players sent off are counted as on field) This is the same as last year just need to remind
Even number of players for 45s and 50s including the bench (allowance of one player to accommodate odd number of players) old rule would allow one team to have 20 on the bench against a team with no one on the bench) also the old rule allowed one team to have an additional player on the ground
No under aged players in any competition, ever, no exceptions
Paperwork is now submitted by digital image. Further details on the web site
All games are 4 x 20 min quarters. Old rule was 20min for first two quarters and 15min for last two quarters for older age competitions (note clubs can agree (both clubs must agree prior to start of match) on different timings on the day to cater for ground availability or weather etc...)
On Field Rules stay the same as last year, we are not adopting any new AFL rules or interpretations.
2017 - Drop-kick-Goal Rule dropped

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